iPad App of the Week: Stay Healthy and On Schedule with MedCoach

GreatCall, makers of the Jitterbug Cell Phone (an easy to use cell phone targeted for emergency use), have just released MedCoach, a free app aimed at helping users keep their medication schedules straight. You can create your own medication schedule, along with a simple contact list for all of your doctors and pharmacies. The support system is also robust. With the Shake for Help feature, you can give your iPad a shake to access a help bubble specific to whatever topic you happen to be looking up via the app. You can also get assistance via email from the GreatCall support staff, which is HIPAA compliant, to allay privacy concerns. You can even get in direct contact with your pharmacy from the app when you need a refill on a prescription. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of medications you need to take, or are looking for an easy way to manage a loved one’s health, this free app should go a long way in helping you out. It’s available from the iTunes App Store now.

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