Monster CleanTouch Pen Review – for iPhone, iPad, and Tablets

Fingerprints and smudges, yuck. Monster has recently launched their CleanTouch Pen to clean all of your touch screen devices and rid them of fingerprints, oils, smudges, and even germs. The CleanTouch Pen is even supposed to resist future fingerprint buildup and makes the screen easier to clean.

This travel sized pen looks like a chubby white highlighter. When you remove the cap you reveal the highlighter-like nib which dispenses cleaning solution. You also reveal a built in cleaning pad on the side of the pen. To clean devices like iPhone, iPad, touch-screen phones and tablets, you simply draw all over the display with the nib until solution is spread evenly, wait 10 seconds, and wipe it off with the pen’s integrated cleaning pad. The cleaning pad is raised from the pen, this is nice because it can clean around a protective case that protrudes past the screen.

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The Monster CleanTouch Pen does a pretty good job at returning your screen to a near-pristine state. The integrated cleaning pad will leave some slight streaking behind. There’s a wiping cloth that’s also included with the Monster CleanTouch pen, after using the integrated cleaning pad, you can use the wipe to get rid of any leftover streaking. Once your device has been cleaned by CleanTouch it’s still susceptible to fingerprints, even though it is supposed to leave a microthin coating to resist scratches and fingerprints. The really nice feature is that CleanTouch Pen eliminates germs. Unlike regular cleaning solutions (i.e. windex), there is next to no residue left behind. The Monster CleanTouch Pen is also much more convenient to throw in a backpack versus a little spray bottle and a wipe. The Monster CleanTouch Pen can be purchased on Amazon for $19.95. The CleanTouch solution is supposed to last for up to 100 cleanings.

The Good: Easy-to-Use, Convenient, Effective, TSA compliant, Alcohol and Ammonia Free, Doesn’t Damage Screen Coating, Removes Smudges, Germs/Bacteria, Oils, and Fingerprints, Includes Cleaning Wipe

The Bad: Leaves Slight Streaking Behind, Process is Not as Quick as using a Spray on Large Devices like iPad, Did Not Prevent Fingerprints or Scratches


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