Can Justin Timberlake Save MySpace – with a Talent Show?

Justin Timberlake is just everywhere these days. If he isn’t promoting that terrible movie “Friends with Benefits,” then his car is winning a Nascar race at the Indy 500. And now it seems that he thinks he can save MySpace with a talent competition! This is especially ironic coming from a dude who starred in the movie called “the Social Network” that is all about the birth of Facebook, the site that ultimately stabbed MySpace to death.

Last week Timberlake and his manager Johnny Wright were working on a plan to re-boot MySpace with a new gimmick that would bring, we suppose – bad talent to the now meager Social networking site. If you recall, MySpace used to be the go to site for emerging musicians, where folks could stream and download songs. Do you remember Ashley Dupre?  After the whole Eliott Spitzer scandal, she made a mint with her song that debuted on her MySpace page at the height of the scandal.

It also helps MySpace’s efforts for survival that Timberlake has a small stake in the network. This will undoubtedly help MySpace and drive some artists back to the site, but is it little too late?

“Whether it becomes a talent competition or something like that, those are things that we will still flesh out,” said Wright, who added that their plans will be hashed out in time for a Aug. 17 press conference. “We definitely want to bring the industry back to MySpace to really look at the talented people that have put their faces there.”


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