Panda Case Makes Us Want to Hug Our iPad 2

At this point there is an overload of iPad 2 and iPhone 4 cases on the market. The choices are almost overwhelming. But today we present to you what might possibly be the most adorable iPad 2 and iPhone 4G case ever. Yes, this case is sweeter than sweet, and would even put Hello Kitty’s Apple case selection to shame. This is the Hooby Groovy iPad Case designed for both the iPad and iPad 2 or the iPhone. Designed to look like a Panda, complete with ears, this case is made of a soft high-quality 2mm felt material that will make you want to hug your idevice even more so than usual.

The backside of the Panda, err, iPad case, even has a pocket to hold pens, CDs and what not. Meanwhile, the Panda’s paws serve as a hook for securing your earphones when not in use. The Hooby Groovy iPad Case retails for $54.95. A Panda Case for the iPhone is also available, and equally adorable.

But if Pandas aren’t your thing – really though, who doesn’t like Pandas? They also have a few other adorable iPad and iPhone cases designed to look Mario Brother’s Goomba, Yoshi, and the mushroom. Each of the cases in the Hooby Groovy collection is handmade and takes one to three weeks to ship.


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