Portable Chair with Speakers is the Best Summer Gadget Ever

Forget the solar powered chargers, the waterproof iPhone cases, and the rugged splash proof watches, this portable chair with speakers has got to be the best summer gadget ever! So forget packing along some ordinary folding chair for your next beach or camping excursion, instead pick up the Sharper Image’s Portable Chair with Speakers. Then sit bad and relax while listening to your music and feeling all suave. And you should feel suave, because unlike those other losers who packed away a battery dependent dock, you’re all set! Now this is what we call a smart all-in-one gadget!

The chair’s speakers are built in to the top of the chair so that they are ear level. There is also a convenient push attached to the chair to hold a smartphone or MP3 player. The chair itself is made of a tough 600 denier poly construction and it can support up-to 295 pounds. And of course the chair can be easily folded up and carried like a shoulder bag.

The Sharper Image’s Portable Chair with speakers costs $69.99. And sure, that is certainly a lot pricier than your average speaker chair. But the cost of listening to your own music at a picnic without headphones or carrying lugging around a separate speaker system? Priceless.