Fuse PowerSlice Universal Family Charger Review

The modern home has not one, not two, but often three or more mobile devices lying around. The result is a myriad of phone  chargers strewn about, an over flowing surge protector, and often a tangled mess of charger cables. It’s not pretty, and someone has decided to do something about it. Fuse has come out with the Powerslice Universal Charger, a device that can charge up-to four mobile devices at once.

The circular design of the PowerSlice is quite unique for a charger, and it’s also quite clever. That is because the Powerslice lets you customize it with up-to three different slices that can be swapped out and rearranged. Several different slices are available to chose from, including microUSB, miniUSB, iPhone, and Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG and Samsung specific slices. The slices are able to slide right into the base of the power slice and lock in without too much effort. Furthermore, the Fuse PowerSlice promises to not only be space saving, but also energy saving. A power button at the center of the device lets you turn it off when it’s not in use, so that you’re not wasting any electricity like traditional chargers do while they’re plugged into the wall.

The result is a tidy person’s bliss. All your smartphones will be stationed on the PowerSlice while they charge, all neat and organized. By using the PowerSlice I have managed to eliminate the need to have three chargers, for three devices simultaneously plugged into outlets. Instead, I now have the PowerSlice stationed on my desk as it powers up my myriad of smartphones. Currently I have three Android smartphones charging on the device, but I can easily swap out one of the microUSB slices for an iPhone slice too.

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We also wish they would’ve thrown in room for four slices, but you can actually charge a 4th device by connecting it via USB to a USB 2.0 port located on the side of the PowerSlice. However, for some reason, a sticker on the PowerSlice warns us not to use this port to charge smartphones, so instead it must be relegated to charging only dumb phones and other devices like Bluetooth headsets

Overall, the PowerSlice may not be the only multi-charger solution out there, but it is a very good one. We love its design and the convenience that it affords mobile device users. So it’s time to just say no to that tangled-mess of cell phone wires, and say yes to the PowerSlice. The Fuse PowerSlice retails for a very reasonable $42.49 at Amazon, where a kit comes with 2 iPod/iPhone Slices. Additional slices cost $9.99 a piece.

The Good: Space saving, energy saving, and convenient design, slices are swappable and available for many different devices

The Bad: Limited to charging three smartphones at once

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