Android App of the Week: Video Calling Via Skype Comes to Android

Android phone users have something to cheer about this week. Skype for Android 2.0 has hit, and this isn’t just any update for the app. Aside from a complete overhaul of the menu system, the new version supports cross-platform video calling for all Android phones with front-facing cameras. That alone is cause for excitement, as one of the best realizations of the new tech smartphones are sporting these days. But, Android users will also be able to call landlines and cell phone numbers and send SMS texts using Skype’s rates. For the traveler with Wi-Fi, that’s a dream come true, and relief from some nasty mobile phone bills. Plus, Android will have a real answer to Apple’s Facetime – a beautiful sight for Android fans. You can grab the new update for free off of the Android Market now.

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