Social Media Citation Pad Punishes Bad Facebook Behavior

Your Facebook friend just invited you to play Poker for the 6th time that week. Another Twitter user that you follow doesn’t stop tweeting about what they just ate for lunch. Your other Facebook friend just uploaded a picture of you wasted, and tagged you in it. These are just some examples of social networking behavior gone wrong, and frankly, it has got to stop. As a matter of fact, it’s time you did something about it!

So go ahead and grab up this pad of Social Media Citations. The pad contains a list of Social Media Citations that will help you enforce the No-Nos of Facebook – such as over-sharing, over-commenting, weather reports, and friending non-friends. And if they do one of these things again? Well, they cant say that they haven’t been warned. The Social Media Citations pad costs $6 at FredFlare.

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