Hands-On with the Sony NEX-C3, with Sample Photos

The second generation of the Sony NEX camera series has arrived, and the NEX-C3 is leading the way. The NEX series is all about offering DSLR quality in a much smaller body, and it’s because of that that the NEX-5 has become our camera of choice.

The Sony NEX-C3 is a mirrorless camera that packs in a 16.2MP CMOS sensor and the ability to record 720p HD videos in MP4 format. The new NEX-C3 however, isn’t a replacement for the NEX-5, but for the NEX-3. At $599, it’s a more affordable alternative to the NEX-5 with a very similar form-factor and specs. Speaking of form-factor, the NEX-C3 hasn’t deviated much from the design of the NEX-3, except that notably there is now separate battery and SD card compartments.

However. Sony has updated the device’s user interface to help make the camera even more intuitive to use, especially for amateur photographers looking to take better photos. The camera’s new Photo Creativity interface section allows users to adjust brightness, skin tones, colors, background focus, and more, without having to know the complicated settings of a camera like aperture, etc. Overall, Photo Creativity makes traditional photography controls easier to understand. It essentially offers professional level features in an easy to use interface.

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The camera also has a slew of neat built-in photo effects. We’re not just talking about sepia and black and white, but two tone color adjustments and many other neat effects that you can apply on the fly. Check out our gallery to see the beautiful photos taken with the NEX-C3 at the Chicago musical rehearsal on Broadway.

Overall, the NEX-C3 is looking to be the perfect set-up for those looking to take a step-up from a point and shoot, but who might be intimidated about using a complicated DSLR.  The NEX-C3 will be available in a choice of black, silver and hot pink for $599.

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