SOUL by Ludacris Headphones Now Shipping

The SOUL by Ludacris headphones that were announced back at CES 2011 are finally shipping. The brand includes a line-up of five different pairs of “high definition” headphones, ranging from over-the-ear to in-ear headphones. The headphones will be available at Apple, Amazon, and BestBuy, and it looks like they are really gunning to take a piece out of the Beats By Dre empire.

Pricing for the headphones range from $299 for the high-end, iPhone ready, SL300 that features active noise cancellation in an over-the-ear design, to as low as $69 for the SL49 in-ear headphones with noise isolation.

For a while there, we thought that perhaps Ludacris’ SOUL headphones were going to perform a 50 Cent on us by not actually making it onto store shelves. It was also at this past CES that 50 Cent announced a partnership with Sleek Audio to make a headphone series called Sleek by 50. Shortly after that, his deal with Sleek Audio was cancelled. Than in May, 50 Cent announced that he is establishing a new company called SMS Audio, LLC that will develop a whole new line of audio accessories, including wireless headphones. But does the world need three different hip hop stars making headphones? The more competition the merrier, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

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