Atari Classics Space Invaders and Asteroids Coming to the Big Screen

The 80s really are making a comeback this week!! Just yesterday we wrote about the rebooting of the Care Bears in CGI and now the beloved classic Atari video game, Space Invaders is coming to the big screen. This news hails from the Hollywood Reporter, who got the exclusive details about the upcoming movie.  According to them, the movie is heading to the big screen by way of producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Gigi Pritzker, who are now looking for a writer to put Space Invaders to paper.

It also happens to be that di Bonaventura is no stranger to taking 80s pop culture and churning out box office hits.  He has served as producer on both the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies. But Spaces Invaders isn’t the only classic video game that is being turned into a movie. It seems that he will be taking on Asteroids too!

Both video games have no pre-existing storyline or mythology to live up too. In fact they don’t even feature any humans! So will actors not be hired for both movies? Will this strictly be a CGI movie? Will you want to sit through a 90 minute or more movie based on pixels?

A creative writer could turn both movies into unwitting blockbusters or  just as easily, complete failures. But one thing is for sure, if you haven’t sold your vintage Atari 2600, you better hold on to it – because if all goes well, it’s about to have a very sweet revival.

[Via Hollywood Reporter]

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  1. It’s a Taito arcade game, Atari simply licensed it from them for the home Atari 2600 port.  Taito is who di Bonaventura would be licensing from as well.

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