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We’ve been using Spotify for several days now, and we have become quite taken with it. It’s a super time-waster, that is borderline addictive. And now we have 25 invite codes 75 more codes to give away for Spotify Free. That’s right! We had such an outstanding response to this giveaway – we begged and pleaded to get more codes for our readers.

We’re Giving Away 75 more Spotify U.S. Codes – There are THREE ways to enter!

1. Simply go ahead and Like our Facebook page and then leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us why you want to use Spotify.
2. Tweet at us  “I want to win a Spotify U.S. Invite Code @spotify @chip_chick #giveaway
3. Leave a comment on this post telling us why you want a Spotify U.S. code.


25 Winners will be selected at random from the entrants on Wednesday, July 20th.

75 Winners will be selected at random from the entrants on Sunday, July 24th.

July 25th – The Contest is now over- 100 entrants have received the Spotify Invite code.

Rules & Regulations: Only U.S. residents may submit entries. and Spotify are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses. Winners are responsible for taxes. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Approximate value of prizes may vary. By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation over the internet and picture data storage). Wireless service is not included with the prize.

And don’t forget to check out our full Spotify Review

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  • Schmidty

    I’d like to create a playlist of the songs of the decades of my life.

  • Shon

    would love the code, thanks

  • Steve

    whats the hype on spotify?

  • Steve

    whats the hype on spotify?

  • allanwhite

    The scarcity of invites just makes people want Spotify even more! Brilliant strategy. 

    I’d really love an invite because I’m a designer who thrives on new music to fuel his creations. Your invite code will make clients happy all over the world! Think of the power you have! Thank you. =)

  • Anonymous

    I want a Spotify code because I want to be free from itunes and free from the bulkiness of mp3’s on my idevice. Please free me! 

  • Danny

    Because I will cease to exist without it…I’m phasing into the wall as I type this out.

  • Danny

    Oh and because I have android and us android users never get anything.

  • Olga Moore

    Music is the great equalizer…

  • Gv

    I’d like to get a code to replace rhapsody that only works on just one mobile device currently!

  • Kalila Maicel Richards

    would love an invite. music is my passion!

  • Molly Griffin

    I’ve been patiently waiting since my experience abroad for the US version to come. i commute over an hr a day and need new music constantly!

  • Mark

    Music has always been a HUGE part of my life! Spotify would make it that much brighter!! 

  • Michelle Garcia

    Any music, anytime? This concept has blown my
    mind and I need Spotify to pick up the pieces and sew them back together
    with its wonderful musical hands. 🙂

  • puglet

    Me me me. Please. My ipod drown over the weekend (and I also hate every single song I currently own).

  • Shire5

    I would like to have the code for Spotify so I can make a great song list! Thanks!

  • Zkmallick

    I would like to create multiple playlists. My friends have all been telling me how great spotify is, and I really want to try it. I love music, especially the obscure kind that I’m sure that spotify will help me to find.

  • Brian Lee

    A Spotify code would make me the envy of my nerd friends…at least temporarily.

  • Atphy42

    Because I want all the music ever, and my computer just isn’t large enough to hold it all.

  • Vinylretrogirl

    Having an evil chronic illness that keeps me up all hours, having the ability to use Spotify to soothe my body & brain would be just awesome! Thank!

  • Jpc1214

    Music is my life!  I have been waiting for an OnDemand music account that could replace my 12,000+ iTunes songs that were erased a few years back.  Also, I tend to be a trend setter of sorts, and would love to communicate the wonders of (what I’ve heard to be) the greatest/ most user friendly online music library/player in existence.  Please send me an invite, so I can have the soundtrack to my life at my fingertips, at all times…forever.  Thank you!

  • ashley

    hook me up with a code!! then i can finally talk about spotify with my friends across the pond!

  • groovster

    i want to groove! 

  • Buddy Boy

    all your base are belong to us!

  • Cortney


  • James Tyson

    Want to make a playlist to kick all other playlist ass

  • Adrian Sousa

    I want to win a code, because I used to live in spain and I loved spotify, but when I moved here, I couldnt use it anymore. OH THE HORROR!!! X(

  • Whatabummer11

    I neeeed spotify!! Plz!! Need bettr music no music on iPhone 🙁

  • Tiffany

    I first heard about Spotify at Midem, the worlds largest music business conference, in 2010 and have been looking forward to its arrival in the USA ever since!  

  • Dalang03

    My wife and Toddler Love music, it is more for them then me. my almost 3 year old daughter is a dancer at heart and LOVES to hear new music. i want it for her smile

  • pikkon38

    I want spotify to ditch pandora at work!

  • Bob

    Because I’m unemployed and cheap too.

  • Anonymous

    a code would be so great! just got a new computer, hence need a new music collection!

  • Xfsmiles

    I would like a Spotify code!!! I have been waiting for Spotify to come to the US forever! I am so glad it is here, I just want to be able to use it!

  • Josh Kroo

    Heard great things. would love a code. thanks. 

  • BBB25

    I would like a spotify code because i would love to be able to get good quality music for free. Please give me code

  • Juan Zambrano

    I’d like a code please. Music aficionado here. I
    listen to post/prog rock, and various genres of metal as well.
    I just want to expand my horizons and share my findings with the world! 😀

  • uffred44

    I want a spotify invite code because I love music, and it is something I can share with my kids.

  • Dazzlingshorty

    i want spotify because I need it at work!

  • Tony

    I want more inspiration for my writing.

  • Sloppyunderfoot

    I’m a blueharp  player who loves all genres of music.  I spend a lot of time on the ‘net.  This would be a great way to hear music I haven’t heard before.

  • gary

    i’m definitely con-itunes as it wants to be the super power status over us…and having an “in” to the newest thing is as cool as it gets!

  • Az Gene

    I would like to have a invite to Spotify because I am a music lover and have heard that Spotify is the best supplier of downloadable music on the internet, I like to have the best. 

  • Antonio Storks

    I would like to listen to my favorite music on the road

  • David

    would love to win a Spotify code because i really want to listen to
    some new music but i dont want to buy the songs on itunes all the time. I
    really need this please. Thanks! 😛

  • Jessica Digilio

    I would <3 a Spotify code to keep me listening to whatever I want, whenever I want – where ever I am. 

  • jumpjack2000

    I’ve been waiting for Spotify US for months and months and now it’s here. All I need is a code to make this the perfect Christmas!

  • Guest

    Creating a modern lullaby mix for my soon-to-be-born daughter.

  • Lori

    Music is the best part of my life!  I am so excited about Spotify!!

  • Chrissy Minor

    I want it because my boyfriend has it and I got to play with it a bit at home last night. It’s really fast as switching tracks is like you’re doing it from the local music on your machine. Heck it might even be a bit quicker than my iTunes.

    I watched as he found the most obscure B-sides on there too. He just had me name a song and then he played it with only a few commercials. I’m almost to the point of paying the $10 for it!!!

  • Andrew Vazquez

    Id like a spotify invitation. As a personal trainer I can use it to pump music into the studio.

  • Scott3005

    would love the code, thanks

  • T3dalrymple

    love music..

  • Greg

    I would love an invite!  I found out about Spotify through my music system – Sonos – which will allow me to play Spotify in all the different rooms of my house.  I’d love to test it out, but I’d imaging that it would allow me to have 80s playing in bedroom, 90s in the kitchen and todays hits in the living room all while my kids and their friends listen to their station, all simultaneously!  Plus I can listen to it on my iPhone.  The number of uses I can think of are staggering.  They have over 10 million tracks and I can’t wait to customize my own playlists so I can listen to music anytime, anywhere, even if I’m not connected to the internet or phone service.  Before I make the leap though, I’d like to try it out!  So, please, may I have a code?  Please! 🙂

  • Gsprincess214

    Would love an invite code!!!!!!

  • Matt

    I want a Spotify invite code, please.

  • MsLorri

    Hello, I would like the Code because I would like to make a Playlist of the Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 Songs, their Music was Awesome, thanks @MsLorri from Twitter   

  • eant

    i’d like a code because spotify seems like the most awesome way to discover new artists and explore the music of artists I already know. music inspires me and moves me like nothing else and using spotify to expand that world would be amazing

  • Jlc12

    Loved the Spotify review. Very enlightening. Would love to give it a spin.

  • Aderenne

    I want to make a playlist of songs that I can dance to in my living room when I need a break from studying! 😉

    ~Ashley (a graduate student at UW) ~

  • Shea Molloy

    I would love a Spotify invite because I’m sick of enabling Apple products to dictate American tastes.

  • Arserna21

    I’d love to create playlists based on my moods and experiences 🙂 Please send me an invite to

  • Uber_hampster

    I need a Spotify invite because I’m introduced to so much great new music so often that I can’t possibly afford it all!

  • Subzero 75

    Love to create playlists of my favorite music

  • Djrisa

    music is my way of life
    thanks for this great app

  • Nicole

    Broke, homeless, student, journalist, tech-junkie, broke, homeless student.  Did I mention that I am broke, homeless, student and heart broken?  That’s right.  Thanks ChipChick!  You girls rock!

  • Iwan

    I’d like to stop using Pandora!

  • hulu Ha

    I Hate iTunes, love Spotify

  • Brian Ackerman

    I am a jazz piano player and in my yut played bass for a wonderful rock group
    that opened for Sly and the Family stone. I LOVE good music and would love
    to access good music thru Spotify…sp pleasssssssssssssssssssse send
    me a code!

  • Megan Hall

    I am one of the few Americans left who does not have an IPOD or any other mp3 device. I’m constantly looking for ways to listen to music on my computer and FREE is always better. My favorite band NIN recommended Spotify and I would love to join so I need an invite. Please Please….

  • Mike

    I want to explore new music as inspiration!

  • Francisco Ivan Ramierz

    im in debt with school payments can i pls have a code

  • Erinp31781

    Would love a code!! Been hearing nothing but rave reviews and want to check it out!

  • Melodys214

    Plz plz plz! I would love a code!!!!


    Because I can share with the community!

  • Lee Michele

    would love a code, thank you!

  • Dirty House Ent.

    I would love a code invite please! I would like to check it out and be able to share music with my music-challenged girlfriend lol thx!! cheers!


    i like cheese. give me spotify

  • Sendnospammyway

    Spotify rules! Love to have the US code.

  • Diananayer13

    can’t wait to get the code to try out this great website for apple users

  • Dynece12

    Because I love music so much. Especially when it’s free. Some nights I can’t even sleep without music playing.

  • Notanimer

    Please give me an invite. Because I have been patiently waiting for something like this to come along instead of pirating music. And since I’m disabled and unable to work I haven’t bought new music in five years. Because I will spread the word to all my Facebook friends that they should do this instead of pirating 😀

  • Gmote123

    So I can rock all day and all of the night!

  • Charles

    I’m an old fart that still likes and listens to new music but all the record stores are gone so Spotify sounds like the way to go,

  • ELliot

    Can I please get your codes because I never won anything. Will now i am lieing I remeber when I was in 5th grade I won a toy. but lets not talk about that. So can I please get the code thank you so much and god or budha or someone will bless your soul

  • dave

    I would like to win because I am a cheap bastard!

  • Ernie Diaz

    I want a Spotify code because it’s mine!! I wants it!!

  • Amy

    i would love a spotify code. why? i want to expand my repertoire of cool new music. i want to throw sweet parties with sweet playlists. i want to finally be able to impress my boyfriend by introducing him to new music rather than the other way around. oh, i’m also a poor college student who can’t afford to buy music much on my own. help? please?

  • Billnoble6894

    Music is Art; Art is appreciable; I would appreciate an invite code! 

  • mw63

    Getting a Spotify code would make my day! My week! Possibly the month???  Come on, Chip Chick!!

  • Alan B

    I want spotify so I can resume spending money on feeding and clothing my kids instead of spending it all on CDs and mp3 downloads!

  • S W

    I want spotify because I’ve spent the last 2 months studying for the virginia bar and all i want to do is listen to some club bangers!

  • Jay Seagren

    I would like a code so that I can try to stay ahead of my kids in the “Cool” category. Thanks

  • Brentjk1

    I’d love a code and I also tweeeted you (caponesgun).  I have an iphone and I want to see if spotify is what I use at work now while doing paperwork from arresting the bad guys! I’d appreciate the code, as would my partner who claims I need better music tastes!


  • Kevin Andrews

    I have a vast amount of songs in my playlist to share with others that will change their life!

  • Michael Holland

    Tired of repeating Pandora and the ability to share with friends 😀 Also this looks like something I might actually pay for if it works connected to my car instead of SiriusXM

  • Anders Lyrsten

    Here is a free code fc3stzkUgsKkgZAA . Enjoy.

  • Fillmorjoseph

    i love music its revolutionary

  • joseph mccue

    i love music

  • Milton Parker MD

    I am 81 and want to be able to listen to oldies as well as stay up with new trends in music.

  • Thyssizmy


  • Gala8200

    I want to find a free music station to use in my classroom.

  • Fladiver

    I want to know how it compares to pandora I signed up a month ago still waiting for an invite

  • Coolgirl

    Its better than itunes!!

  • Redsox4ere

    i need a spotify account because my comuter is messed up and itunes doesnt work and i need a program that plays all music that i want

  • AmyB

    I want the Spotify code SOOOO bad! What a great idea for a way to listen to music. However, I’m unemployed and can’t afford the monthly price. So I’d LOVE to get a code!!! Thanks!!!

  • Rjshull

    I want to listen to what I want to when I want to and Spotify is the only thing that will let me do that!  I’d love to be invited!

  • Ryan

    i want an invite cause  i heard u guys are awsome and my friends have no more invites

  • John Colton

    Spotify rocks and so does chipchick.  May I please have an invite to Spotify?

  • Llh40

    I love that I can find everything and anything for the whole family! Would love the code

  • dylan


  • Eric Menendez

    I travel and want to take my music everywhere!

  • girls love music

    music i a life style

  • Kevin

    I’d like a spotify premium code so I can stop using Pandora!

  • 黄东

    i like listening music with spotify so i really need a invite code,thanks a lot