iPad App of the Week: Engage the Ultimate Trekkie App – the Star Trek PADD!

A perfect primer for Comic Con. Have  you always wanted your own PADD? Well, make it so. Now you can buy the Star Trek PADD App, available now for the iPad for $4.99. The app faithfully recreates the LCARS operating system from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and uses it to provide the ultimate Start Trek universe database for all die-hard Trekkies. The sound and visual effects are spot on, beaming you back to the old days of the Starship Enterprise.  You will probably be captivated by this app for hours and for those hardcore Trekkies – they will try and see if they can catch any mistakes. You can check out information on the television series, complete background information on characters, aliens, ships, planets and technology, and Star Trek news from the franchise’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. CBS has also committed to keeping the app updated, finding and uploading new information and extras. Boldly go where millions have gone before – the iTunes App Store – with warp speed haste!

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