Steampunk Case for the iPhone 4 Looks Like a Relic of the Past

When it comes to iPhone and iPod Touch cases, we thought we had seen it all until we spotted these Steampunk Cases on Etsy. Yes, these exquisitely intricate cases hark back to a time when there was no such thing as an iPhone or iPod Touch. However, just because these cases support both these devices, it doesn’t in any way take away from the extreme detail and care that went into their craftsmanship.

The iPod Touch version of the case consists of a brass plated die cast metal for the back, pressed wood fiber for the front, “burl-brass” paint finish , and a golden pinstripe around the screen.

The ‘Home Button’ on the case is made of wood and contains a brass bezel that resembles an antique door buzzer. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 version of the case features a English Walnut finish, a cranberry-apple felt to cushion the iPhone, and a spring operated door that lets you remove the case from the iPhone so it can connect to a USB cord.

Both of these cases are intricate in design and truly bring out the Steampunk in your gadgets, but just be warned, they also add a significant amount of bulk to your iPod and iPhone. So as cool as these cases might look, a case made of brass and wood might just slow you down. The iPod Touch Steampunk case retails for $55 and the iPhone 4 version retails for $70.

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