Telikin Touchscreen is Grandma’s First Computer

telekin Telikin Touchscreen is Grandmas First Computer

The Telikin Touchscreen PC is a new touchscreen PC designed for less tech savvy seniors. The system is essentially an Asus all-in-one PC that has been repackaged with super easy to use, touch based software. So instead of having to have gram or gramps dealing with viruses, firewalls, and what not, Telikin is designed to work out of the box with minimum fuss. The system comes with Video Chat, Photo Sharing, Email, Calendar, News, Weather, Address Book Web Browsing software and even games like solitaire, blackjack, memory, majong, photo scramble. The U.I. organizes all of these features into a neat straightforward interface that will likely be much easier for a newbie to navigate than the likes of Microsoft Windows or the Mac OS.

Plus, Telikin comes with a remote  access feature called Tech Buddy which lets another designated friend or family member access the Telikin computer remotely so that they can guide the elderly user if they should need any help

The Telekin system itself is a sleek all-in-one with a 18.6″ display, although a black 20″ model is also available. This design helps minimize clutter and confusion. Under the hood the system is powered by a Dual Core CPU 1.8 Ghz, 2GB SDRAM, a 320GB hard drive, a 1.3MP webcam, four USB ports, and a memory card reader.  Pricing for the Telikin Touch is reasonable too at just $699.

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  • Jamie O'flatery

    Loving this! I’ve seen it on a few other websites and its shooting to the top of my Christmas buying list for my grandparents because I think it accomplish so many things for them in one device we’ve considered in so many others. Right now, they don’t have a computer and beyond the little prepaid, flip phone I picked up for both of them from Tracfone’s prepaid SVC line, they really don’t have anything techy and that phone really is more for emergenices since its rather limited to calling, texting, and a little very basic web browsing. I think something like this might make them feel more confident and even more independent — the feature where you can remotely help them sounds great as well and something that you obviously can’t do with a cell phone.