iPad App of the Week: Time Warner Cable App Now Gives You Access to Your DVR

Version 2.0 of the Time Warner Cable TV App has just gone live, and with it comes many more channels, bringing the total tally to over 100. The Time Warner Cable TV App allows Time Warner cable subscribers to use their iPad as television screen, using Wi-Fi to stream available channels directly to their iPad. The app is free, and has proven to be a great way to get a little extra functionality out of the increasingly versatile iPad. Also present in the update is an improved program guide, giving you listings for up to seven days, and the ability to set favorites. You can also manage any compatible DVRs that are in your home directly from the app. If you’re a Time Warner subscriber, this app is definitely a must for you – how else are you going to take your television with you to every single room in the house? Seems like a must now – not many of us are too keen on sitting in one place for too long in this modern age of mobility. Grab the Time Warner Cable TV App update free off the iTunes App Store.