Vanhulsteijn Cyclone Bicycle Defies Gravity

The Vanhulsteijn Cyclone bicycle scares us, and it’s not just its $2300 price tag that gets us all shaken up. Instead it is its design that seems to defy gravity that just makes us shudder. Would you trust long bumpy rides on this bicycle?

Well, if you can get passed these fears, you’re set to ride off on one super unique and elegant bicycle. The bike features a handcrafted stainless steel frame made with Rigida rims, shimano gears, Vittoria Runion tires and a Sturmey brake. The bike is also customizable in a whole selection of color options along with speed options ranging from single spec dot three speed. A five year warranty is included with the bike too, which does make us feel a bit more confident that our big-behinds won’t break the bike while we’re riding on it.

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