Android App of the Week: ZocDoc Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Making an emergency doctor or dentist appointment? Not fun, we know. Especially when that appointment ends up being in a few weeks (after spending who knows how long on the phone). ZocDoc is a step toward taking health care and appointments into the 21st century (finally). With the ZocDoc app, you can make an appointment online instantly, using the app. Right now, the service is only available in major metropolitan areas, but is gradually rolling out to the rest of country. You can search for doctors by specialty, and can also verify that your insurance is accepted by the hospital. Doctors’ credentials are also listed, along with reviews written by other ZocDoc users, so you can ferret out the quacks. There also maps pointing out the exact locations of doctors and hospitals, and which are closest to your current location. ZocDoc even promises to get you appointments sooner, thanks to more access to spots opened up by last-minute cancellations. Sounds a whole lot better then struggling on the phone when you’re running a fever of 103. You can pick up ZocDoc for free on the Android Market now.

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