Zumreed Dreams X2 Hybrid Speakers Headphones Have Arrived

As predicted, the Zumreed Dreams X2 Hybrid Speaker Headphones we reported on back in February is now available at Audio Cubes.  The design has stayed intact and so has the overall concept of headphones that double as external speakers. If you want to listen to your music collection in private, you can just put these headphones on your ears, or if you are in the mood to share, just flip the switch and play your tunes for all to hear. The headphones are a bit large, since they do also contain built-in amplified stereo speakers. From what we remember, with our brief time with them, is that the sound is impressive, and will certainly do the job if you are in pinch if your friends want to suddenly get down to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. The  Zumreed Dreams X2 Hybrid Speaker Headphones retail for $159.99.

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