AMD Updates Fusion APUs with Better Performance and Battery Life

The Ultraportable war is heating up. AMD has announced an update to their AMD Fusion processors, or more specifically updates for their C and E-Series APUs Accelerated Processing Units. The updates bring improved battery life of up-to 12 hours for the C series and 10.5 hours for the E series, enhanced HD graphics capabilities, DDR3 1333 support for enhanced memory bandwidth and faster performance and video playback, HDMI 1.4a connections so that users can connect their computer to 3D displays for enjoying 3D content, and DisplayPort ++.

The AMD Fusion series has already taken off inside of popular affordable ultraportables like the HP DM1Z and Sony Vaio Y Series. These new updates to the AMD Fusion chips should help keep these APUs stay competitive in the face of the upcoming ultrabook onslaught that is coming from Intel. Either way you look at it, when you can pick up a $399 ultraportable that plays HD video and sports 10 hours of battery life, you’ve likely got a hit. But it seems that now we can expect to see these new APUs showing up inside of more affordable desktops and all-in-ones too.

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