AMD and vReveal Attempt to Rival iMovie

Thanks to the dropping prices on pocket video cameras, and smartphones with built-in video recording capabilities, more than ever people are recording and sharing video, especially HD video. But the problem with the video produced by these pocket and smartphone cameras is that the footage often ends up being a shaky mess. So while many of these cameras can provide decent recording quality, they generally provide poor image stabilization.

Fortunately, vReveal 3 for Windows offers a free editing suite designed specifically for the average Joe’s recorded footage. We’re talking about the footage you and I recorded on our pocket video camera or cell phone. The software uses special motionDSP technology that is able to automatically steady and stabilize your footage, so that your family members won’t want to throw up while watching your vacation videos. But aside from reducing camera shake, vReveal also brightens, sharpens, and tweaks the footage to make it look a whole lot better – all with a single click. You can also use the software to directly upload videos to Facebook and YouTube. It’s all about making the process of editing and producing good looking videos easier for PC users, without costing them anything. The software also offers special effects settings, the ability to remove grainy video noise,  create panoramas, and trim video clips. In many ways, vReveal has the potential to be a PC user’s answer to iMovie.

vReveal’s powerful video enhancement software is actually powered by the AMD Vision technology that is available on AMD’s new APUs and GPUs, which includes pretty much every AMD-powered computer out on the market today. The vReveal software itself will begin shipping on AMD powered PCs in time for the holiday season. But the software is compatible with most current AMD systems and it is now available as a free download. Just make sure to update your AMD GPU or APU driver to its latest version before using vReveal, in order to make sure that the software can unlock its full potential.

AMD’s collaboration with vReveal is just one of the projects that AMD is working on to show how their Vision technology can improve HD video enhancement processing. The company already has a reputation for providing serious gaming performance with their graphics cards (GPUs), but their next frontier is all about making the HD video that we stream, watch, and produce – look and play better, even if you’re on a budget. So you can expect to see a lot more in this space coming from AMD.

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