Watch Barbra Streisand While Drinking a Soy Latte at Starbucks

“Papa can you hear me?” Well maybe at Starbucks he can. Just park yourself with a half-calf/decaf Venti with soy at your local Starbucks between August 23rd and 30th and get ready to watch something special on your WiFi enabled device.  Barbra Streisand and Starbucks have partnered to bring Starbucks customers an intimate listing experience. She recently performed at a MusiCares annual benefit gala witnessed by very few people and now all her devoted Starbucks fans can watch too.

Between those dates, just log onto the Starbucks Digital Network and you will be able to hear some of her greatest hits as well as some new ones from her upcoming album What Matters Most. So yes this a cross promotion for her new album but I’ll give props for a creative marketing strategy.  From the brief trailer, Babs looks and sounds wonderful. Just like butter.

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