BlackBerry App of the Week: BBM Music Beta Gets in Tune With Your Friends

The BBM Music beta is free and ready to download now from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. It’s another social networking service directed at music, this time specifically for BBM users. It integrates with BBM and allows you to build a music profile, which can consist of up to 50 songs. You can share any song on your profile or any playlist you create. This means you can also peek in at your friends’ music profiles and playlists, and poach some quality new music from them (or give them a hard time about their taste in music).

The service is completely cloud-based, so storage isn’t as big of an issue. There is a cap on the amount of music you can swap out, though – once you’ve set your 50 songs, you can only swap out 25 per month. The really cool part is that every song on each of your friends’ profiles is available for you to play, so your music collection at any given time depends on how many friends you have (and how varied their tastes are).

Offline listening to all of your profile’s tracks is possible, as well. If you’re looking for a quick way to discover some new tunes, BBM Music sounds like a pretty good deal. Check it out if you’re a BlackBerry user.

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  1. Nice but not for Crackberrys who live in Europe.
    I’m getting tired of the things only for some countries.
    Maybe I should buy a Nokia phone.

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