Birdfish Guitar is For the Steampunk Rock Star In Us All

I’m not a guitarist by any means. The most I have ever strummed was on a acoustic guitar at Sam Ash. But if I had the cash to burn, this is one axe I’d be willing to get callouses for – the Birdfish Guitar. The Birdfish Guitar is built to order and each one is a limited edition. The guitar is designed so that every part is put together in a modular way.

What does that mean exactly? Well, what that means is that for as long as you have the guitar, it can be adjusted. It will grow with you.  Furthermore, the ‘bird’ and the ‘fish’ represent key parts of the guitar.  The bird section consists of the bird’s eye maple neck and the fish is the meat of the guitar where the control box sits with its souped-up electronics.

The Birdfish Guitar is available in charcoal, fire, olive, sapphire and retails for  £8500 ($13770) – rock on!

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