Boqari Q1M Headphones Review

Boqari may not be the most well known headphone company, but they sure build a great pair of affordable headphones. The Boqari Q1M’s are a swanky pair of in-ear headphones complete with an inline microphone and control button for use with iOS, Blackberry, and Android devices.

What’s in the Box

-1x Q1M Headphones
-1x Carrying Case
-7x Pairs of Silicone Earbuds (Single and Double Flange)
-Lifetime Warranty


Boqari’s Q1M’s have a quite distinct design. All aspects of the Q1M’s, aside from the cord, sport the same cylindrical black metal with silver indents. Boqari describes it as “a mosaic of square facets and platinum grooves.” Each bud is branded with the Boqari logo and the back of the buds are imprinted with their B logo. The headphone cable is a Y-shaped rubberized cable that’s slightly thicker than your average headphone cable. The cord rigidness keeps it from easily tangling. There’s a 24-carat gold plated 3.5mm audio jack. The Mic/Control button is located 5 inches below the left earbud and consists of one raised, easy-to-push, button and two small holes for the microphone.

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There are 7 pairs of different sized silicone ear bud tips, 3 of which are double flange. The sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. The travel case is reinforced and has a pocket for ear tips and a fitted insert for the headphones. (I personally recommend removing the insert so you can pop your headphones in that space for quick and easy access)


The Q1M’s use titanium micro drivers inside their “pure metal sound chambers”. The inline microphone can be used on iPhone, Blackberry, and iOS for voice calls or voice commands. The single button can be used to answer and end phone calls, control music, or access voice commands (depends on device capabilities). The Q1M uses a custom braided cable, though it’s not visible. The cable is reinforced at all connection points with with flexible strain reliefs.


If you’re still rocking the headphones that came with your phone or MP3 player (such as Apple’s buds), then you might swear these are the best headphones you’ve ever heard. If you consider yourself more of an audiophile you’ll find they sound pretty decent. The most important aspect of any pair of in-ear headphones is finding the perfect fit with the ear tips. With the 7 pairs included, single and double flange, it’s not hard to find a tip that creates a good seal in your ear. I found the Q1M’s (with a double flanged ear tip) to be more comfortable than most of the other earbuds we’ve reviewed. With a good fit (and some break in), users will find the Q1M’s to be pretty balanced. The bass is good, it’s not overpowering and won’t make your brain rumble. It suits rap music and hard rock just fine, though some listeners may want more. The highs are great, detailed and crisp. The mids are the weakest link. With faster and louder music, the mid-range audio can sound muddy and muffled. It sounds much better with slower music. The Beatles sounded great on the Q1M’s, while Muse could have been much clearer. This also applied to lower bitrate music (128 kbps and lower), slower genres still sounded pretty good, while the faster and louder music did not.

The microphone and button work just as well as they do on Apple’s headphones. Making phone calls worked well and I received good feedback from my callers. Double clicking and triple clicking the button was no problem at all. There are no built-in volume buttons. Even though the headphones look like they’re built out of a chunk of metal, the aluminum is actually quite light. While the carrying case is a bit big, it’s still pocketable, and very protective. I’ve been pocketing the headphones without a case for over a week and they seem to be pretty durable.


Boqari’s Q1M’s are a great set of headphones for anyone looking to upgrade from whatever came with their music player. They’re comfortable and nice looking, they include an inline mic and control button, plus a bunch of ear tips and a great carrying case. Audiophiles would not be too impressed with this pair of headphones, but they’re definitely worth the $60 from Boqari.com. Surprisingly they sell for $120 on Amazon, which is more than they’re worth. For $59.99, the Boqari Q1M’s are a pretty good buy, and aren’t the holidays right around the corner?

The Good: Affordable, Built in Mic and Control Button, Comfortable, 7 Pairs of Ear Tips Included, Carrying Case Included, Swanky Looking, Do Not Easily Tangle, Lifetime Warranty
The Bad: Mid-Range Audio is Subpar

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