BrudaCase Wood iPad 2 Case Review

If we had to choose one iPad 2 case to woo Mr. Steve Jobs, it would without a doubt be the BrudaCase. It’s easily the classiest case we’ve gotten our hands on. BrudaCase is built almost entirely from cherry hard wood and is more of a desk top enclosure than it is a traveling case. In it’s closed state, iPad is completely concealed. When you open BrudaCase you can use iPad as it’s laying flat or in one of two viewing angles.

The BrudaCase for iPad 2 closely resembles a wooden MacBook, specifically last generation’s black and white models. It features the same rounded edges and corners as well as the same lip for opening the lid. Even the dimensions are almost the same at 9.1″ x 11.1″ x 1.1″. BrudaCase seems to be crafted from four different pieces of hardwood, as can be noticed by the difference in grain and hue.

The inside of BrudaCase consists of two strong metal hinges and four circular magnets. The BrudaCase logo is branded into the inside of the case. There’s a recessed area that fits iPad 2 so it sits flush with the wood. The bottom of this recessed area is covered in a soft felt, as is the area on the underside of the lid, which protects the screen when closed. There’s a little wiggle room in the iPad cavity, but with the case closed iPad does not move around at all. There’s a finger slot on each side to easily lift iPad from the case.

There are three grooves running across the inside of the case, one on the bottom edge, and two on the underside of the lid. To mount iPad upright, iPad sits between the bottom groove and one of the two top grooves, with the lid partially closed. By placing iPad in the groove running through the lid’s center, iPad is at an ideal angle for typing. Since the lid hangs over the top of iPad, it’s also a good angle for privacy and shielding from the sun. Using the top groove at the end of the lid is ideal for standing iPad at a browsing/watching angle.

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iPad is well protected inside of BrudaCase, though we wouldn’t want to drop it. There are two pairs of magnets inside BrudaCase to keep it from opening too easily. The magnets almost make it too difficult to open the case, it requires two hands and can still be tough without the right grip. Since BrudaCase is a two pound case made of wood, it’s not ideal for travel, but still does the trick. With the case closed, there are no openings or gateways exposing iPad. This means iPad needs to be removed when it’s time to charge. If the table top is not clean before placing BrudaCase down, any crumbs and dirt left under the case may scratch your tabletop or case, so be careful!

BrudaCase is the epitome of iPad elegance, but it comes at a price. At $175 + shipping, it’s a pricey investment. But look at it this way: it’s essentially a piece of art, a sophisticated accent to any living room or office. It’s currently available in Cherry from BrudaCase.com for iPad and iPad 2.

The Good: Beautiful, Unique, Protective, Stands iPad at Two Angles, Promotes Privacy, Reduces Sun Glare on iPad, Wood is High Quality
The Bad: Expensive, Can’t Charge iPad inside BrudaCase, Difficult to Open, Can Scratch Table Top or Case if Surface is Not Wiped Clean, No Free Shipping

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