iPhone App of the Week: Cablevision Optimum Hits iPhones, Brings Television and Video on Demand

Right on the heels of the settlement between Cablevision and Viacom over licensing rights for streaming video on the iPad, Cablevision has officially announced that they are bringing that same iPad app – Optimum – to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Optimum iPhone app is available now for free from the iTunes App Store, and does exactly what the iPad app does – Cablevision subscribers can stream live TV and thousands of available videos on demand to their iPhones. The update is also bringing remote control functionality – new to iPads and iPhones alike. Keep in mind that you can’t use the app on the go – this is just letting you use your mobile device as an extra TV in the home. You must be at home, in range of your cable box, for the app to work.



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