Cardboard Radio is Good for the Environment and Your Ears

Are you socially conscious when it comes to sound? Probably not, but thankfully Christopher McNicholl is – and he has designed the Cardboard Radio for Suck UK. This environmentally friendly radio is super simple in design, and that is its genius. Reminiscent of the 60’s era, the cardboard radio encloses the components of the radio and when you are ready to part with this piece of cardboard, it can be recycled.

It was purposely designed with a clever slot structure. So that there are no other parts, other than the actual components of the radio and cardboard. That means less for the earth to break down in the future. Another plus, is that you can plug your iPod or iPhone into it and use it as a pair of speakers. Of course the quality of the sound or reception you get from this radio might be limiting, but nonetheless it is a conversation piece to have.

The Cardboard Radio from Suck UK retails for £ 25.00 ($25 USD)

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