Case-Mate’s Colorways Case is Yet Another Constructable iPhone 4 Case 

Case-Mate’s line-up of cases just gets more and more creative as time goes by. First they took a whack at constructable cases that looked like a Rubik’s cube. Now they are really getting wild with the launch of its striking Colorways case. This case is unique in many ways and extremely design forward. We aren’t talking about any ordinary snap case here. This three-part case creates a kaleidoscope effect as bright primary shades overlap to reveal vivid secondary colors. Colorways is made of three separate primary color pieces that overlap to yield a total of five colors when mixed together. This is what we would consider a modern day color wheel.

“One of the design innovations that Case-Mate has championed the past year is the idea of modularity – or what we are calling ‘constructibles’,” said Erik Attkisson, Chief Marketing Officer at Case-Mate. “We understand that ‘do-it-yourself’ and customization are key trends with consumers and Colorways complements the movement by allowing consumers to create their own stylish accessory.”

The Colorways case from Case-Mate will retail for $29.99.