Multiplication Breaks the Code on this Latest Storm Watch

This latest wonder-watch from Storm is a cross between a wrist watch and a traffic light. Code is a special edition LED watch that features a multi-colored display in order for you to tell time. To complete the look, the wristband is made of a silicon strap that comes in black, orange, white, or blue.

If you thought telling time on a traditional watch was difficult, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. The LED lights on the left indicate the hours, month and AM/PM. The LED lights on the right indicate minutes and the date.  And the kicker is that the time can be worked out by simply multiplying.  Red x 1, green x 2, yellow x 3 and blue means 5.

So basically you not only have to be really trendy to wear this watch but also good at math. The Code from Storm Watches retails for £79.99 ($95 USD).

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