Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard Arrives Just In Time to Check Make-Up

This unique concept keyboard has finally arrived for our geeky consumption. The  Minebea Cool Leaf USB Keyboard is an entirely flat crystal-clear touch device. Akihabara had gotten their mits on it back in April, and now you can actually purchase it.

We are talking about a keyboard without keys. The device lights up from within to give you the most unique type of typing experience. There are 108 keys in total that feature force sensors that will take typing into another dimension.

Besides turning keyboards on its ear. The Cool Leaf is easy to wipe clean if you are klutzy or a slob and tend to spill on your keyboard a lot. It can also double as a mirror to check your hair or make-up – now what working gal could resist that?



The Cool Leaf features:
•    OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
•    Size: 383 x 128 x 17mm (15 x 5 x 0.67″)
•    Weight: 620g (21.9 oz)
•    Keys: 108
•    Up to 5-key multi-touch function
•    Includes cleaning cloth, USB cable, User’s Guide (English, French, German, Italian)


The Minebea Cool Leaf USB Keyboard retails for $471 at Japan Trend Shop.

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