ePillow for iPad 2, Because Sweet Dreams Are Made of Apps

Many of us are guilty of taking our iPad with us to bed. And why not – after all, it can be very relaxing to just lounge around and watch a movie, read an eBook and what not. Well the ePillow for iPad takes that activity a step further by making it even more comfortable for you to use your iPad 2 in bed.

As much as the iPad 2 is nice to lounge around with, I have yet to find a case that allows me to use it in bed while having the case prop up the iPad at an angle. Fortunately, the ePillow does just that. It’s a pillow designed to hold your iPad. The ePillow has an adjustable viewing angle that can fit the iPad in both landscape and viewing modes. It will even let you type comfortably n the iPad while you’re in bed. Of-course, you can take the ePillow with you on trips too, whether it’s a road trip or a flight. The ePillow for iPad 2 retails for just $29.99 and is available in a choice of black or brown.

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