Sims Social is Ready to Wreak Havoc on Facebook

Get ready! The Sims is about to take over Facebook! That’s right, if you weren’t already addicted to the world’s biggest social network, then the most popular life-simulation game will only encourage an even bigger addiction to Facebook than ever before.

In Sims Social, players experiment with life, customize their homes in a variety of styles and create stories, even start scandals with other Sims, as they explore relationships in the game. From acquaintances to lovers to rivals and archenemies, players can be each other’s best friends – or worst nightmares. Just like in real life! You’ll be able to share your in-game achievements, and more, through news feed updates and wall posts by way of Facebook’s interface.

The Sims Social will have you animating your “real life” in no time.

To play The Sims Social, visit Facebook and the app page at apps.facebook.com/thesimssocial/.

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