Giles Deacon Adds Microsoft Tag Reader Tech to Nine West Collection

Looking for a new fun bag to carry your laptop around in? Nine West has got you covered. The company has collaborated with Giles Deacon to reveal the Giles Deacon for Nine West Collection. We aren’t talking just shoes either. The collection includes tote bags for your computer, as well as jewelry. I especially adore the tote bags because they also include a neoprene case which will fit a 15″ laptop.

But besides for including tech accessories, this line is also techie in its own right since it includes a character created by Giles named Eek. Eek is mouse-like and will be built into each item of the collection. Each item also sports Microsoft tag reader technology, bringing the “Giles Deacon for Nine West” to life. This last part we’re not 100% sure about, but we believe that by scanning in a tag with your smartphone, that you’ll be able to see Eek come to life – on your phone.

The commercial for the Giles Deacon for Nine West Collection shows off Eek and the immersion of technology within this line. He is not only adorable to watch, but he’ll only make you want to buy something from this Nine West collaboration even more.

The Ronnie Tote is available in a multi-color or black version and retails for $99.

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