Hama’s Set-Top Box Brings Android 2.2 to a TV Near You!

Hama’s new set-top box at IFA 2011 is bringing Android to the big screen – your TV screen that is. Just connect the set-top box via HDMI to your television set and then connect it to a router or WiFi connection.

The Hama Set-top box comes with Android 2.2 OS and some pre-installed Apps so you can surf the Web, chat, edit documents, play music, playback photos, or play Android games all on your TV.  By connecting this box, you would have ultimately converted your TV into a huge Android smartphone, possibly accomplishing what Google TV has yet to do successfully.

Besides coming with Android 2.2 pre-installed and an assortment of widgets, there is also a pre-installed office suite. The set-top box also features 2 GB flash memory, which can be expanded as needed with an SDHC card, via USB with a memory stick or an external hard drive. Lastly, there is a remote control included that features motion control to work similarly like today’s many gaming consoles.

How sexy would Android 2.2 look on an 50″ LED screen? That we’re unsure of. We’re also unsure of how well Android 2.2 will translate on your TV, but if you’re an Android purest you might want to give this box a whirl anyway.

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