Hoodie Buddie’s HBTee T-Shirt Review

We review a lot of tech and gadgets here at Chip Chick, and nothing makes us feel like we’re living in the future more than Hoodie Buddie’s HBTee T-Shirt with built-in headphones. We’re living in an age where apparel comes with built-in machine washable headphones, and at almost no extra cost!The HBTee shirt with HB3 Technology is essentially a regular t-shirt with a few differences. It’s a very comfortable shirt, comparable American Apparel. There are two pockets on the shirt, one on the bottom left side and another on the inner left collar. Each pocket has a metal snap to close it. The built-in headphones run from the top pocket to the bottom pocket with only a few inches of cord slack. The pockets are for tucking the headphones and cord out of sight. The bottom pocket can be used to hold small iPods (shuffles and nanos) and MP3 players. The pocket will fit iPhone and other phones, but it will weigh down the shirt and the buttoned flap will not close. There is less than a foot of cord slack at the bottom of the T-Shirt, so unless you’re a lefty it can be a bit frustrating. There is a stitched tunnel for the headphones to run down the inside of the shirt. The headphones can be removed. The cord is made of a stitched fabric. The ear buds are covered in rubber. The HB3 Technology advertised with HBTee is “what brings clothing to life;” it’s the patent-pending technology that allows the integration of machine washable headphones into clothing.
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The HBTee shirt is surprisingly only $20 (plus ~$8.95 shipping), which is a price most people would easily pay for a nice comfortable T-Shirt. With that said, the headphones sound like $20 headphones. The audio quality is just okay. They don’t sound horrible, but almost all music sounds muffled. It lacks detail and clarity. The bass is actually pretty good but the mids are definitely subpar. They’re also comfortable, but they only come with one alternate size of ear tips. While the built-in headphones are machine washable, unfortunately they’re not machine dryable. The HBTee has to be hang dried.

The HBTee Shirt is available in various different color schemes and patterns from HoodieBuddie.com, there you can find a lot of other apparel with the HB3 Technology of built-in headphones. We also recommend checking out our review of the Redeux Hoodie with HB3 Technology for women.

The Good: Machine Washable, Affordable, Comfortable Headphones, Trendy Designs, Innovative

The Bad: Headphones Aren’t Great, Cannot Machine Dry, Not Enough Cord Slack for Righties, Only One Pair of Additional Earbuds

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