We’re Giving Away an iPad 2!

We’re giving away an iPad 2 Wi-Fi to celebrate the new Time to Call app from Vonage.

Here is how two enter to win:

1. Simply go ahead and Like our Facebook page and then leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us who you would call using the Time to Call app, and why. 2. Tweet at us  “I want to win an iPad 2 to use with the new Time to Call app http://bit.ly/owL7Ln @chip_chick @vonage giveaway” 3. Leave a comment on this post telling us about who you would call using the Time to Call app, and why.

One winner will receive: One (1) iTunes gift card for $15 and one (1) Apple gift card for $700 for the Apple iPad 2, Wi-Fi 32 GB. The contest will run from August 14th through 18th. And even if you don’t win, you have another 74 chances to win an iPad 2 from Vonage! That is because Vonage has supplied 75 different sites with an iPad 2 to giveaway and use with the Time to Call App. The new Time to Call app from Vonage lets users make low-cost international calls of up to 15 minutes to landlines and mobile phones in over 190 countries. It’s the perfect app to use while you’re traveling, or if you have friends or family overseas. Let’s face it, even though mobile phone plans are becoming more and more affordable, making international calls from your phone is still a pricey excursion. Things get EVEN pricier when you’re traveling overseas and you call home or make calls to other countries. Now you can save money by using the Time to Call app from Vonage. The app offers super cheap rates for calling international destinations, and you can pay for your calls through your iTunes account. Most calls cost between $1.99 and $2.99. This is the perfect app for those of you who are traveling this summer, especially if you’re traveling abroad. You can download the app now for free and a free 15 minute international call is included, so that you can try out the service yourself.


UPDATE 8/22/2011: CONGRATS! To Samantha C of Long Island, NY. She won the iPad 2 contest.

Here is Samantha’s feedback about her experience with the Time to Call app:

Here’s a little write up from the combined experience of me and my mother. I gave her the iPad as an early birthday present – she finds the touchscreen interface much more intuitive than a keyboard and mouse 🙂

At first glance, Time to Call seems to be just another app that allows you to make VOIP calls from your Apple device. But the simplicity of this app is what makes it stand out.

You simply select the country you’re calling from and the country you want to call (landline or mobile). The app will then provide you with a price to place a 15 minute call, and you purchase this ‘block’ of calling time via an in-app purchase. This is a great little feature, as you always know how much you’re going to pay before making the call.

I really love how this app uses your iTunes account to bill you. There is absolutely no need to sign up for an account, and provide Vonage with information like your email address and credit card information. If you’re a little wary of providing information to third party apps, you’ll love this aspect of Time to Call.

In terms of call quality, Time to Call was excellent. I often have connection issues with Skype, leading to frustration and dropped calls. There were none of these problems with Time to Call, and I had a lovely chat with my grandmother in Malaysia.
Time to Call really shines if you travel internationally. Avoid nasty roaming charges by using a WiFi connection, and seeing how much you’re paying beforehand. Simple and easy.


Rules & Regulations: Only U.S. residents may submit entries. ChipChick.com and Vonage are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses. Winners are responsible for taxes. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded. Approximate value of prizes may vary. By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation over the internet and picture data storage). Wireless service is not included with the prize.


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  1. I would call my relatives in China using the Time to Call app, because I rarely speak to them.Thanks for the iPad giveaway!

  2. I would love to call my partners mother in Japan. Her daughter lives so far away, it would be amazing to be able to catch up with a call.

  3. I would call my families and friends in the Philippines, Canada and the US with the time to call apps. 

  4. i would call my sister who now lives in australia with the time to call app because it will be a relief for me to have such a low call rate for ISD calling,,,,,,,

  5. I will use my Time to call App from Vonage to call my Nephews in Lagos Nigeria so that I can reduce the cost of making international call i like this new app

  6. Almost all of us have long distance regonal calling on cell phone but we need vonage time to call app to really save on long distance. I would call my favorite cousin in hawaii because I miss him

  7. I will use this app to call my friends in Okinawa Japan,I served in the Airforce and still have friends in one of the base.

  8. I would timetocall apps to call my frds at UK and Ireland. I will call them as they are my old childhoot frds and i always miss them as i feel those days were best days of my life.

  9. I would love to win the ipad, I live in Ny and all my family live in NC so how handy it would be to call and update . Husband living with cancer so traveling from Cancer Instituite is hard trying to call family. My daughter has one and they are awesome, Thank you for the chance.

  10. I will use time to call apps to call my frds at Canada and Britain becoz its has been long time since i spoke to them.

  11. I would call my mother, because I am an out-of-state, constantly-traveling-internationally college student who doesn’t have the time (or $$) to talk/visit long distance. They should just include, ‘calls back home to mommy’ in my student loans ;]

  12. I would use Time To Call To call my Nephew who is in the Air Force. He serves in short-term missions all over the world and most recently was in Pakistan. It was hard for our family to communicate with him because of the cost. It would be nice to check in and make sure he is safe. I would also use it to share with a good friend who I work with. She has family in Canada and has a lot going on right now so it would mean a lot to her to communicate with them more often!

  13. I would like to call a very good friend that went to live to Canada y i havent talk to him for a very long time =)

  14. I might use it to call family in Vietnam. If it’s cheaper that way instead of calling via homeline telephone, then Vonage gets to be the best option fot long distance calling.

  15. i would call my family in the philippines, they can’t come to america because the wait for a visa is just as long as for a green card, and an iPad would be very useful as a student

  16. I would call my brother who lives a distance away. I rarely get to see him and would love to be able to see his kids growing up and be a small part of their lives.

  17. my daughter in west virginia. can’t visit too expensive so calling is the next best thing.

  18. I would call relatives and friends in Germany and around other parts of Europe.  I would call them so I could find out what I need to bring them from the States when I come to visit.  Or also just call them to chat.

  19. I will use this app to call my daughter at UK who is staying with her mom and studying in school. I would call her from becoz i believe that this would provide me superb quality with cheaper rate.

  20. i would call my cousin who is in europe on the time to call app because i miss her and she has been gone for a long time now! 

  21. I already put it on the FB page, but, I’d call my dad. I haven’t really spoken to him much in my life (maybe 20 times in as many years), but I recently graduated Basic Training and have been trying to build a better relationship with so many people, including him.

  22. I would love to use the Vonage Time to Call app to call my nephew who is presently living in Japan.  Thanks so much.

  23. Having just moved to Texas, I’d use the iPad to call my family scattered all over Canada.  My mom in particular, she misses me terribly.

  24. I would use Time to Call for my Foundation. When dealing with the Chapters in other countries, the cost to “Keep in touch” can add up. I’m sure this would save us money over time.

  25. I would use Time to Call for my Foundation. When dealing with the Chapters in other countries, the cost to “Keep in touch” can add up. I’m sure this would save us money over time.

  26. I would use the time to call app from the good people at vonage to call my best friend who recently moved to new york. His cell phone service is terrible out there. Thanks for the ipad Giveaway!

  27. I would call my friend who currently lives in Spain because I rarely speak to her as it is and this app sounds amazing for international calls! 🙂

  28. I have a lot of penpals in other countries that I’d love to finally be able to talk to. Being able to call their cellphones or landlines would be so awesome!

  29. I would call an old high school friend. She was a foreign exchange student from Holland. I recently reconnected with her over facebook, but I would love to hear her awesome accent again!

  30. Would call a good friend in Switzerland – we often miss each other on Skype and therefore don’t connect as often as we’d like

  31. About a month ago – we found out we had cousins in Italy – I’d use the Time 2 Call app to get in touch with them! Love it!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. About a month ago – we found out we had cousins in Italy – I’d use the Time 2 Call app to get in touch with them! Love it!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. I would use the Vonage Time to Call app to call my relatives in Asia, because it’s much more convenient and inexpensive than using the land line.

  34. I’d call a friend from Mongolia that I met over the internet and have only talked to in forums and email.

  35. I would use the Time to Call app to call my parents when they goto India. They go for months at a time and it would be nice to be able to keep in touch while they are away.

  36. Grt app and awesome Giveaway. I will call my parents at UK because i was using calling cards to call them and voice qualities is not clear but was cheap.

  37. Another grt giveaway punch from chipchick. I will call my wife, Son and family frds at India. Because I am in US and last 1 years and they are in India.

  38. I would call hubbys family in Denmark, I have written them for 25 years and never heard their voices- it would be neat to hear who I have been writing to!
    longtime follower on FB and on twitter !

  39. I would call my cousins in Australia because the only form of communication right now is via email or FaceBook. They have a daughter whom I have yet to meet and another on the way! I’d love to be able to say “Hello” in person!

  40. I would call my mom because it will be an adjustment for us not being together since I am starting school!

  41. who I would call using the Time to Call app i would call my best friend that moved to france and call my aunt and uncle that live in germany because my friend had to move to france because her dad got a job in france and my aunt uncle because  they are in the army 

  42. I would use it to call relatives in Taiwanm cause we don’t keep in touch as often as we should!

  43. Outside of facebook, I don’t get a lot of contact with my family in the Philippines. I would use the app to call them more often.

  44. I would use Time to Call to call relatives in Greece and friends who live at long distance. Cell phones are great, but the long distance charges for international numbers and exceeding your minutes is ridiculous.

  45. I am sick & housebound & would love to use the time to call app to meet my new nephew! Being able to see & talk would open a window to my world.

  46. I would call my 97 year old grandmother whom ive never met in person. For medical reasons I cant travel & neither can she I know it would make both our lives complete

  47. I would call the UN Secretary General when he is in Switzerland, because when in
    Switzerland they are really nice to you when they give you the run around! Unlike NY

  48. I would call my mom who is in india and other friends in US with Time To App Call, I will use it for internation calls as i do call internationally frequently.

  49. I would use the app to call my family back home in the UK as I rarely get to speak to them anymore

  50. I would call to parents and my friends in india, as i rarely speak to them , but with vonage prices and this app i would certainly be in touch, thanks

  51. Eric, My 10 year old son< recently met his Uncle Wilfred in Germany for the first time. Even though their was a language barrier they bonded very quickly (Eric's dad died when he was 5) Eric has since been going to German school once a week and it would be so wonderful if they could speak once in awhile – What a great app – thank you = tweeted @treetrout1 and posted on your wall

  52. I’d call my dad using theTime to Call app since he’s in Taiwan and I rarely get to see him now!

  53. I would call my friends in France & Italy. We only ‘talk’ through IM or e-mail, so it would be great to hear their voices. 🙂

  54. I would call Taiwan to talk to my wife’s 90+ mother-in-law because she’s developed Alzheimers.

  55. I would call my Uncle and Aunti at Switzerland. They are very old and doesn’t use computer so i can’t use pc to pc call and all other calling cards are not very cheap. Vonage will give me unlimited minutes so i can use time2call apps from my ipad and call them

  56. **I
    would CALL my GRANDMOTHER using the TIME TO CALL AP, who lives in
    Lebanon,, she would absolutely *LOVE* to hear about her new great grand
    baby and say hello to him!,,, awww, so Sweet to have this ap available!

  57. I wold call my relatives in taiwan. Haven’t spoken to them in a long time and would be nice to talk to them.  Also tweeted @bigvincec

  58. I would call my brother in AU hes been living there for the past 8 years, i would love to be able to chat more with him and my niece 🙂 i miss them dearly <3

  59. I would use the Time to Call app to contact family in Frace!  It’s too expensive, otherwise.  Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  60. i would use it to call my brother who is in another country for the next years, without overcharging my cell

  61. I would use the Time to Call app to call my buddies out on the East Coast because it would save me money and I would finally be able to hear their “melodic” voices again

  62. I would call the German Exchange students we hosted when I was in high school. We have lost touch and it would be nice to pick back up!

  63. I will call my mom using this app. I am US and my parents in India. I miss them a lot. I want to tell All mischievous things my sons do to my mom.Thanks for this giveaway ….

  64. i would call my family in colombia, i havent talked to them in about 7 years this would be great

  65.  I would call my relatives in Florida , and catch up on the family!..sometimes we just don’t do that enough!!

  66. I would love to use the IPad2 to call my family in Switzerland. We call almost once a week, this would mean that we could talk more often! Great Giveaway!!

  67. I
    would call my youngest sister in Hungary! She’s been over there for 3
    years and is about to move to China – and I really miss her guts!

  68. I’d call my grandmother in Malaysia. She loves to chat on the phone – we tried to introduce her to Skype, but it went a little over her head (she got very, very close to the webcam xD)

  69. My good friend is moving back to her hometown in Spain soon, and I would use the Time to Call App to catch up with her when she’s gone.

  70. Who _wouldn’t_ I call with the Time to Call app? ♥
    Definitely start with the best friends first and then maybe some family

  71. When using the Time to
    Call app. I would call my best friend from Italy who I haven’t spoken to
    in along time due to very high long distance rates given by regular
    carriers. Now that has changed thankfully to this app., just gave her a
    call in almost a year and look forward to keeping in touch more with
    this app. It brings people who are far so near without paying so much, and money that I can save in my pocket these days is a great thing! 🙂

  72. I would call my old school friends in Australia. It has been ages since I spoke to them and email just isn’t the same.

  73. I will use app to call my families in India as Vonage is offerring best monthly rate for unlimited call under global call plan which cover around 60 countries.

  74.  I would use the Time to Call app to call catch up with the French family I stayed with in France when I was 16 yrs old.

  75. I would use the TimeToCall App to call my Filipino friend of mine because we’re simply cool like that.

  76. i would use the timetocall app so wherever my brother is stationed (in the airforce) my family can talk to him. 

  77. I would use the time to call app to call my cousin over seas in the military because I miss him and vonage makes it cheap

  78. I would call to my frds at Brazil & Spain using this app as not lot of app comes to make call to these country.

  79. I’d call my grandmother and my family out west.  They used to live out here but skeedaddled out to Oregon and Washington, leaving me here with my job in Flyoverland. ;)  Used to spend many hours with my grandmother playing Rummy 500 and variants, especially with her neighbors who were like family to us.

  80. I would let my daughter call her uncle in the Phillipines, because it costs so much to call she doesnt get to speak to him very often and would love the chance!

  81.  I will use my Time to call App from Vonage to call my brother in UK so that I can reduce the cost of making international call i like this new app in fact America is great.

  82. I will use this application to call my sister and brother in law in kuwait and i am from india. Calling middle east countries are very costly from india than to US and UK. So this application would be of very helpful to me.

  83. I would call my brother and sister inlaw in South Africa because we all have busy lives and emails are nice but hearing the voices over the phone for a reasonable fee would be much better. Thanks for the chance to win an iPad.

  84. I’d call Vonage customer support and tell them they look pretty today (that’s not to say they don’t look pretty everyday–just especially so today).

  85. I would use TimeToCall app to call my family back home when I am out there enjoying my holidays in some other country. This way I will save tons in roaming charges

  86. I would call my friend from college that I never get to talk to in person, only email since she lives abroad 🙂

  87. I would secretly install the vonage app on my wifes ipod. I would love to see the expression on her face as she would not be expecting the call on her ipod.

  88. I
    would call my in-laws. I don’t have any family of my own, so my
    in-laws mean the world to me. They live across the country and we don’t
    get to see each other nearly enough!

  89. I would call relatives and friends in Germany just to chat and then maybe some other friends around the world just for the fun of it and because I haven’t talked to them lately. 

  90. I would call my relatives living in UK using the Time to Call app because i miss them a lot & this app will help me to get in touch with them at cheaper rates.

    Thank You for the opportunity. 🙂

  91. I really, really, really need to win so that I can keep up with my little sister (who is pregnant) and my family that’s serving overseas in Afghan territory. PLEASE, OH, PLEASE PICK ME!

  92. Will call my mom & dad at UK as i am studying here in US and i miss them. Vonage is the one of cheapest but with clean voice qualities available in market today.

  93. Awesome Giveaway. I would call at Ireland to my best frd got settle there after marriage and we both miss lot of talks chats. I hope vonage will give me a better experience. 

  94. I would use to vonage’s time to call app to call my frds at Switzerland because i don’t want to use my cell phone for making international calls as its damn costly compare to vonage.

  95. tweeted and following. I will use this to call Greece and my wife can use it to call at India as vonage allows us to call more than 190 countries all across world.

  96. I would probably use this to call my godson in South America, where he is working with the Peace Corps, because it will be easier to let everyone sit around the iPad and chime in than letting them try to talk on my cell’s speakerphone!

  97. I want to win ; )  I would love to be aby to use the Time to Call app to chat with my husband who is often away on travel : (


  98. I have cousins in Switzerland and Spain that I would love to talk to. Lots of new additions arriving all the time.

  99. My wife and I are alone in Seattle as all of our family live in Florida and we would use the Time to Call app to keep in touch with everyone. Also my wife is also stuck in bed for days at a time with various health issues, and not only would this help her stay in touch with our remote friends and family and friends but would also give her something entertaining to do when she’s having a down day.

  100. My best friend is in Germany, I’d use Time to Call to call her, as we enjoy listening to each other’s silly accents. 🙂

  101. I would call my aunt who does missionary work in Guatemala and Romania because I havent seen her in a while and I’m leaving for college

  102. i would use it to call my aunt in canada, i had to miss her wedding a couple weeks ago because i  had to work and she got an ipad for a wedding gift and i would love to face time with her because she has not met my girlfriend of 4 years yet because canada is so far and hard to travel to! SO PLEASE LET ME SEE MY AUNT AGAIN!

  103. I would use this to call my sister and brother in law in Germany as she got settled in Germany after marriage and i miss fighting with her :).

  104. I would call my friend Anne in Norway! I take care of her property in the US and need to stay in contact with her. I would use the Time to Call app to save $$. Thank you so much for the chance!

  105. I would call my mom, who lives in a different city, using the Time to Call app. I don’t really have anyone else to call…

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