nClosure Kiosk Enclosure Makes the iPad 2 Theft-Proof

Have you ever dreamed of opening up your own Apple store? Yeh, neither have we. But if you ever wanted to, things should go a bit smoother with these  iPad Kiosk enclosures from nClosure.  These aluminum enclosures are able to transform an ordinary iPad into a full service kiosk. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G will continue to work just fine while the iPad is locked inside the kiosk enclosure. Speaking of locks, the enclosure comes with a keyed tubular locking screw and it can also accommodate an additional cable lock for added security.

We can see the potential for these enclosures to be used in all sorts of environments – hotels, schools, restaurants, etc. At $169 a piece, they definitely aren’t cheap. But at least you can rest better knowing that a customer, or whoever, can’t easily walk off with your iPad.

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