iPad App of the Week: Rdio is Now Playing Your Favorite Music on Your iPad

About a year ago, Rdio, a music and social networking service, was introduced to the public by a couple of Skype’s founders. Today, you can finally access your Rdio account on your iPad, with the release of the Rdio App, available now on the iTunes App Store. Rdio grants unlimited access to streaming music for a monthly subscription – with a social networking twist. You can check out what your friends are listening to, to get new ideas for music to listen to or needle your friends on their tastes. Either way, it’s a useful app – you can also cache songs and play them offline, look through top charts, or listen to a Pandora-like radio station based on your favorite genres or artists. Searching for music is a snap, too, and the library is already pretty robust and growing.

The subscription cost is $9.99 per month if you sign up on the Rdio website, or $14.99 per month if you sign up through the in-app purchasing system (you know, if you want to pay Rdio’s Apple Tax for them). If you do subscribe, you can access your account on the Web, Roku, Sonos, Pioneer AppRadio, and any other mobile platforms you’re running, as well as your iPad. Check out and find out which of your friends are closet Kelly Clarkson fans today!

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