iRestore Grows Your Hair, Guarantees You’ll Look Like a Douchebag Using It

Forget Rogaine, real geeks use iRestore to grow their hair. What is iRestore you ask? iRestore is the world’s first hands-free home use laser hair therapy treatment that is designed to combat hair loss. We actually had no idea that lasers could be used to combat hair loss, but that is a whole other story. Apparently, this device helps take control of thinning hair by using low-level laser hair therapy that creates fuller, thicker, and healthier looking hair. In particular, it’s using low-level 650nm lasers and (27) red luminous optical lights that provide phototherapy, which is a scientific process that provides stimulation to cells in your hair follicles. But the best part is how stupid you’ll look wearing it. iRestore sits on your head like a helmet, or what they describe as a “moveable light dome design”.

And the cost to look absolutely ridiculous while using the iRestore device? A pretty ridiculous $499. But the folks over at iRestore say that the device actually saves you money when you consider that laser hair therapy clinics cost a average of $4,000 during the course of 9 to 12 months, and you’ll have to shlep out to them 2-3 times per week.

Just promise us you won’t actually wear this thing in public, k?

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