iSpeech Obama App Transforms You into the President

Hmm…would this app run the country better than the real President? This new edgy text to speech app is called iSpeech Obama and iSpeech Bush, and it is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry.  Just type in or speak to the app and each respective President will repeat your phrase in their own presidential voice.

For instance type in “Americans will have no Social Security in 50 years, but I’ll still have my ranch”and the iSpeech Bush app will repeat that.  You can also speak to the iSpeech Obama App – “I don’t know how to balance my check book, how could I balance the budget for the USA?!” and Obama will gladly recite those words as well.

You see it can become a very fun app! Perhaps, it should do the debating for the next presidential election.

Both apps are free to type in anything and listen to having it read aloud in the respective President’s text to speech voice.  There is also an upgrade available that allows you to speak your phrase into the phone and have it spoken back (using iSpeech’s speech recognition).

You can check the apps out here: Obama or Bush and currently both apps are free for the text to speech version.

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