Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker – Pass the Tea and Scones

When vintage products meets tech, we are so there. Ozaki is known for making pretty rad accessories for our iPhones and iPads. This latest venture might just take the cake. Designed to look like a Gramophone, the iSuppli Gramo is a cross between a Gramophone and iPhone/iPod dock.

The design of the iSuppli Gramo is super sleek, modern, and sexy. Who wouldn’t want to do some serious facetime with this dock? From the images, the device looks a bit on the petite side, but it is sure to be a conversation starter, no matter where you put it in your home or office. The iSuppli Gramo will not only emit conversations through its gramophone but also work as speaker for your music. Available in red, black, and white the Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger Speaker retails for $69.99 at AudioCubes.




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