iWrench is Ready to Get its Grips on the iPhone 4

First there was the iPlunge iPhone stand that works by just plunging the back of your iPhone. Now there is the iWrench which looks like a plumbers wrench. I’m starting to see a theme with all of these accessories. Either there is an obsession for making accessories for our iPhone that have to do with the bathroom – or it’s some type of subliminal message that iPhones and bathrooms go together. I’m not quite sure which.

In any case, the iWrench works like a normal wrench would. Just clip it on to your device and you can adjust the knob to make tighten the grip on your device. It will prop your iPhone or iPod up just perfectly and the best part is the iWrench won’t strip your device if you tighten the knob to much.  Between this and the iPlunge all you are missing is the plumber.

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