Joseph Vincent’s RF3 Live Headset Will Keep You Cancer Free – Maybe

Headphones inspired by an artist are nothing new these days but a pair of headphones that not only claims to sound good, but also block dangerous RF energy and EMF’s – now that is another thing altogether!

The RF3 Live headset was inspired by You Tube celeb Joseph Vincent and is minimal in design and features real wood earbuds along with aircom technology that promises to reproduce your music in a naturally balanced way, that will soothe not only your ears, but your body too.

The minimalist design is really just the icing on the cake, as the real unique feature of these headphones is the fact that it will reduce your contact with the dangerous radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields that may transmit to your brain.

Currently there is no proof that cellphones or even headphones cause any type of cancer. But if you were worried, then this little headset should at least alleviate one concern off of your mind. The RF3 Live Headset retail for $70 at Ahalife.

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