iPhone App of the Week: Rough Day at the Office? Kick the Buddy!

Stress makes you grumpy. You don’t want to be grumpy, right? Good thing we now have the ultimate stress reliever, courtesy of AppZap– Kick the Buddy. You can probably glean the purpose of this app from the title. There’s a buddy, but you can do a lot more than kick it – typical things like punching it, slapping it, taking a gas-powered chainsaw to it, and hitting it with an M16. Standard fare. The buddy also has comments for you, if for some reason you need extra egging on. You can earn money in-app to buy new items or weapons, too, so if you get stressed out a lot, this can be a real go-to app for you.

Now, the buddy himself is sort of cute, which makes a lot of the things you can do to him a little disturbing (drawing and quartering probably fits here). Worry not! The most important part of the app comes into play here – you can find faces in your pictures to use in-app instead of the buddy’s face. It’s like a human-face dartboard for the 21st century. And, if you’re more of a dove, you can just play an assortment of mini-games with the buddy, instead of annihilating the poor little dude over and over again.

You can start blowing off steam violently – without fear of arrest – for $0.99 off the iTunes App Store. Kick the Buddy is available now.

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