Lady Gaga’s Heartbeats (2011) Go Punk Devil Red for the UK

Well if you happen to live across the pond, you are in for a real treat because Lady Gaga’s latest version of the Heartbeats in-ear headphones will be popping up in red, but only in the U.K. Yes, us American folk only get to choose between black and white Heartbeats with their fancy studs. But the U.K. will be getting them in a choice of Punk Devil Red too. You have to give Beats by Dr. Dre props just for that name alone! But other than the devilish color – there seems to be no other major differences with these Heartbeats to the ones you can find here in the U.S.

Amazon will be selling the red Heartbeats for £129.95, and there seems to be no exact launch date either. So for those who must have red leather and studs to go with their hair – you’ll have to keep checking back. Meanwhile, check out our review of the latest Heartbeats.

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