Deanne Cheuk Uses the Microsoft Touch Mouse as Her Canvas

Microsoft is no stranger to creativity when it comes to their mice and today is no exception as they have just debuted the new Touch Mouse Artist Edition. New York-based artist Deanne Cheuk was so captivated with the captured motion and finger paths of people using the Touch Mouse that it became the basis of the new design of the Touch Mouse Artist Edition. Deanne is also naturally stimulated by circuit boards and other sorts of symmetry which gives her inspiration. The exterior of the Touch Mouse Artist Edition features a very apple’esque white color ( funny no?) along with a delicate calligraphy-like drawing which also serves as the multi-touch sensor map.

The Touch Mouse might look like a piece of art on its exterior but it is still the same great mouse underneath that features unique multi-touch gestures exclusively for Windows 7.  The release date of the Touch Mouse Artist Edition is TBD but it will eventually retail for $79.95.

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