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Research Shows Girls Prefer BlackBerry, Android a Boys Club

With the debate still raging on as to whom will be the ultimate OS winner – Android or iOS. It’s fascinating to see exactly which sex will be helping to lead that charge, and for the most part, there is still no clear winner in this intense battle. But what is clear, from a cool new infographic from inneractive, is that RIM should be marketing more to women, since RIM is the clear winner among females, and that the Android OS is still very much a boys club.

But putting the platforms aside for a moment. Which sex rules amongst app downloads? Well according to the infographic, CTR amongst males is a  sold 1% higher than their female counterparts. So what Apps are taking up the majority of their time? Action games, casino games and sports. Generally these types of apps are pricier than the ones females tend to gravitate too, like entertainment, social media, and puzzle games. These types of apps can typically be found for free or nominal in cost at most.

When it comes to Mobile Apps and the battle of the sexes, there is no winner or loser, it’s just still pretty obvious that most woman still prefer a good celebrity app versus watching the highlights of a baseball game and that will likely be still be the case – no matter how far technology goes.