iPhone App of the Week: Honk If You Don’t Like Parking Tickets

I guess there really is an app for everything. If you’re one of the unlucky many who always seems to get hammered by parking tickets, you might want to take a look at iStorm Apps’ Honk, a multi-purpose car parking app that could save your wallet more than a few times. If you’re parking at a meter or a pay-per-hour parking lot, you can set a timer on your app that will warn you when you need to go feed the meter, or just go. In a nice little touch, you can see the timer counting down on the app’s icon, so you don’t need to actually open the app.

Upon setting the timer, the app records where you parked on a map, and uses GPS to guide you back to your car – because it’s never fun losing a solid chunk of your day wandering aimlessly around a parking lot. It even gives you a Hansel and Gretel-like breadcrumb trail to lead you back to your car, mapping the route you took to walk away from your car in the first place. You can take notes and pictures of where you parked, too, if you don’t trust the GPS information.

You probably don’t need a dedicated parking meter timer when your native alarm clock will do just as well – but, if you suffer from frequent bouts of absentmindedness, the GPS parking tracker really is a thing of beauty. You can get Honk on the cheap – it’s just $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. If it means you avoid even one parking ticket, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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