Become the Next Bruno Mars with the PocketLoops iPhone Music Studio

Earlier this year GEAR4 debuted PocketLoops at CES, but at the time it was just a prototype. Well it looks like it’s not a prototype anymore and is a true  portable music studio for your iPhone & iPod touch. Looking quite similar to Ion Audio’s version for the iPad, just dock your iPhone/iPod and use the keyboard and the PocketLoops app combined to create your own custom tracks.

The PocketLoops lets you unleash that inner DJ by allowing you to make custom loops, beats, or just by simply playing the keys on the keyboard on the PocketLoops.

You can enhance your tracks with different effects, beats from different genres of music from Reggae, to Hip Hop, to Rock, and once you have nailed that perfect tune, you can email it to your buddies via the app.  The PocketLoops currently retails for £49.99 ($82 USD).

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